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Hollywood Studio Asset

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Entire Project Polycount: 152.382 tris, 79.152 faces, 90.339 verts, 165.996 edges.

Most assets have 20 to 2.000 tris, some more complex have 2.000 to 5.000 tris,
just a few have more than 5.000, up to 7.000 tris.
The outer wall is by far the most detailed asset with 16.272 tris.



US Army WW2 Asset –  coming in 2019


German Army WW2 Asset – coming in 2019


Russian Army WW2 Asset – coming in 2019

The Army Assets contain detailed models (FBX) of WW2 tanks and guns for use in Unity!

Turrets and gun barrels as well as machine guns are prepared to rotate. Doors and hatchets open and close.